wearerofshinyboots asked: Forgive me for asking. Does Berenal like doggy style?





The sex position? Yeah. Sense of control + booty.

what are with these questions omg

Lol. You’d honestly be surprised how many times I’ve been asked that specific question.

They all come from the same creepy person.

Who, Dalavesta?

Anonymous asked: As a black male, do you feel you're empowering white culture by shaving your head, a hairstyle that was first popularized by Gaius Julius Caesar aka the first gay superhero?



Anonymous asked: How long have you been writing for, and how would you suggest getting better at writing? Have you taken any formal classes to better yourself?


I’ve written casually all of my life (well, most of it) and no, I’ve never had any formal classes.  I need to read more though because my technique is getting really rusty. :(

And the suggestion, as cliche as it is, is to read and write as much as possible.  If you’re doing those, make sure you get criticisms from people you respect because others often see things we do not. 

For real. Best way to improve your writing is to look at what other people are doing. Take note of any stylistic or mechanical touches you like, and try and incorporate it into your own.

The Triumph of Lordaeron




This story will prob make sense to practically no one but WHATEVER MAN. Written with tamsynspeaks.

Sir Terrien Ashmoor had not considered the fact that organizing the celebration near Grimpool would necessitate attending it. Thanks to an anonymous donation by himself,…

William Cahaley reluctantly attends since its in honor of the battle of Grimpool

Dame Maridyn goes with since she’s a VETERAN. (But not a witch veteran.)

After reading that story, I have to ask: just what exactly is the nature of Tamsyn and Terrien’s relationship?

"Rome is civilization. Rome is order. Rome is POWER! And out here…WE. ARE. ROME!"

"Rome is civilization. Rome is order. Rome is POWER! And out here…WE. ARE. ROME!"

Anonymous asked: lobstmourne is a plebe just like most WoW-playing white boys. If I had a nickle for every WoW-playing country ass fuckos with monster energy Ms tattooed to their faces and horde symbols on their cars (could be the other way around too) i'd be a rich fucking Spaniard




Is this Spanish Spinesaw?

it’s not me

Lmao “it’s not me”

can’t be tommy boy, he’s a mexican

Two things about tonight’s SH event.

1) There will be another flashback sequence and characters not involved in the present-day SH are welcome to attend it.

2) For purposes of chronological consistency, all Paladin attacks that deal Holy damage will, for the duration of the event, deal physical damage instead. Healing is unchanged, as are damage modifiers; e.g. Crusader will still deal double damage, save that said damage is physical.

Priests are unaffected.