This just in: Asuryan is Triple H.

This just in: Asuryan is Triple H.

witchslayergeralt asked: i like how glendover seems to be one of the few truly heroic characters

He’s no Wald Digger but he’s getting there.

nomad-shit asked: I like asuryan's taste in swords.

it is a taste well-shared

baenling asked: would you say that dicks are an integral part of hranu's cock-slurred speech

I would.

ittybittyvibby asked: Asuryan's moments of genuine goodness, like raising all of Eldanesh's bastards and telling them bed time stories.

I have no pithy retort to this.

lurvylurvy asked: Can't really see anything about your character.

He can’t see anything, either.

vantilles asked: I like that your characters can be unabashed cunts, but with a reason in doing so.

It’s almost like their characterization is driven by¬†motivations.

seena-ghost asked: Conqueror of Naxxramas.


chocozumas-revenge asked: I like how when you do an extravagant emote it ends up working well more often than not as opposed to being followed by a failed roll.

The key is in the musical timing.